ePOS Office Version 3.00 Release

ePOS Office version 3 is a major new release of our stock and sales management solution and comes complete with a number of new features;

  • ICR Touch Keyboard Management
    You can now import and manage the ICR Touch terminal keyboard from ePOS Office and program changes back to the ICR Touch terminal
  • ICR Touch Skin Import
    Your own ICR skin can be imported into ePOS Office to allow you to manage the keyboard layout defined by your own custom skin.#02AAC5
  • Meal Deal Support for Uniwell AX3000
    A number of changes have been made for the Uniwell AX3000 terminal including support for the new meal deal functionality and passive mode FTP support.
  • Deposit Management Module *
    Allow customers to keep a database of forthcoming bookings and record advance deposits paid, those deposits are recorded and included in the ePOS Office banking system.
  • Weekly Business Summary
    This replaces an existing report to provide a powerful and configurable business sheet including deposits, VAT figures, margins, sales, banking, covers, spend per head and much more.
  • SQL Server Report Module **
    ePOS Office pushes data to a SQL server database using the Microsoft SQL Server. Report tools are provided to allow access to this data for reporting or access the SQL database directly with third party reporting tools. Our SQL Server Report Tools means you can provide your customer with multi user report access. ***

    This module will also include electronic journal analysis and reporting for the Uniwell AX3000 and ICR Touch terminals. This will be fully released at the end of April however this release does include demo versions of this feature your customer can try out.


Coming Soon

We would also like to announce some other new features and offerings coming soon;
Please note all release dates and features are provisional and subject to change.

  • Casio Interface
    An interface is planned to the Casio QT6100 and QT6600, the interface will be applied to both ePOS Office and ePOS Central providing a head office solution for Casio terminals.

    The initial release of this interface is due May/June 2012
  • ePOS Central – Head Office Software
    ePOS Central is our new Head Office management software allowing hundreds of sites to be managed from this Microsoft SQL server based package. Options are available for direct communication with the POS terminal or via a site based ePOS Office package.

    This package will also support multi site stock management, support of a range of POS terminals including the Uniwell DX/TX/SX-06, Uniwell AX3000, ICR Touch, WaiterPOS with future links planned to Casio & PurePOS.

    A web interface will also be available to allow site based management functions without the requirement for any site based software.

    Software package due for release April 2012, web interface due for release June 2012
  • ePOS Office Web Reporting
    Available as a bolt on to an ePOS Office site package, data will be pushed to a secure web site to allow remote access to reports

    The initial release of this is due in June 2012
  • E-Commerce Interface to Cube Cart Web Shop
    An interface to one of the worlds largest online shop software, ePOS Central will allow you to manage your online catalogue, download and process orders and integrate online stock and sales with the information from your point of sale terminals.

    This is due for release in May 2012
  • Electronic Journal Support for Uniwell AX3000 & ICR Touch
    Support for the Uniwell AX3000 Electronic Journal and the ICR Touch IDC to allow transaction level reporting. This will be available in both the ePOS Office ** and the ePOS Central packages.

    This is due for release in April 2012 and will be included as standard in the ePOS Office Client edition.

ePOS Office is now available in three editions;

  • Sales edition (ePOS Sales) all the POS management tools and ePOS Office sales reporting but with no stock management functionality.
  • Standard Edition (ePOS Office) including POS management tools, sale reporting, stock management, deposit management and journal viewer (for Uniwell DX/TX only)
  • Client Edition (ePOS Office Client) including all the features of ePOS Office, an inbuilt client module to allow communication with ePOS Central and an SQL data export and SQL Reporting tools (including journal reporting for the Uniwell AX3000 and ICR Touch coming during April 2012)

* This option is not available with ePOS Sales.
** This option is only available with the ePOS Office Client Version.

*** ePOS Office Client comes with a single user licence, additional user licences can be purchased separately.